We think that imagination and creativity should be celebrated in all children. 

We all need someone to see the value in what we offer. Children offer us so much through their imaginations. Writer’s Room Productions is dedicated to seeking out the value that all children have through the power of storytelling. Creative writing is more than just a milestone in grade school, it can help students become leaders, encourage stronger coping skills, and help children think outside the box! We offer a variety of assembly and workshop programs with our Author's Showcase. We are now taking our showcase program and expanding it to children who are living in long-term hospital care or home situations, with our program Author's Planet. Let us help create a healing and confidence building experience in your community.

All children should know that someone believes in the story they have to tell. Here’s our Co-Founder’s story and why she is here today. 

When Amber was in 2nd grade she qualified for the RSP program at her school and three times a week she left the class to do school work with a special-ed aid. As a seven year old, she didn’t fully understand why she was being asked to work differently, but it definitely made her feel isolated. She learned very early on how to make fun of herself and be self deprecating about her situation with her school friends. 
Part of the program was reading and writing. Late into 4th grade, her RSP teacher, Mrs. Jones told her that she was going to publish one of Amber’s short stories in the library. In June she got to see the final product. 
"The Dancing Book” , she held in her hand the hard back, 8.5/11 book with her name on the cover and she felt so proud of herself. The librarian had even created a card for the card catalog and Amber was now a member of the Dewey Decimal System! As years went on she could remember going to the library just to visit her book. It lived on an end cap near the entrance with several other books written by student. 

“I didn’t fully realize how much power this moment had in my life until much later, but knowing that someone... an adult, found value in my story, was powerful. So powerful, that here I am today, loving my job because I get to tell kids all over SoCal that they have value.” 

“The Dancing Book” By Amber Queen, 4th grade

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